It's in the bag

I love an "it" bag just like the next girl.  I love any of the current Celine bags everyone seems to have or are at least lusting over.  I'm also in love with the PS1, but at the same time, I also want to be different and have something that is less expected. I want to have my own signature bag that maybe some years from now will just start catching on and I will have the pride in knowing I identified its beauty first before everyone else.  Currently, my go to bag is my Goyard tote, which is almost dying on me after I have been demanding its company almost daily for the last few years.  It is wonderful because it is so light, it fits a million things and it matches with everything (this is in my opinion, my mom would probably beg to differ).  Even though some people have it, it still feels under the radar. 
So, in short, I have been looking around for that special, unique, beautifully crafted, elegant, timeless bag that stands out, and most importantly that few people know about it or even have it.  These days with the internet a bag like this is difficult to find as trends spread like wildfire.  But I have found MY very own IT bag- The Perris Parin Ball Bag. This is my new bag obsession.  It is sculptural, feminine, and different.  The array of colors and finishes it comes in is just another layer of fabulousness.

I wanted you all to see this bag in action but didn't find any street shots of people wearing this beauty.  But this is a good thing because it means its just our little secret.  Don't tell anyone, k?

Final verdict-  For you? or not so much?  
Happy Friday!

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