Getting Leopardy for Fall

I spied some cute leopard jeans at Target that I needed to get for Little Miss A.  My sweet aunt got them for her as a birthday present.  What a cool aunt right? A few days after, I spotted some similar ones at Urban Outfitters for myself.  
All of a sudden I was curious to try them on.  I did and the fit was actually kind of perfect.  It had been a long time since I had bought clothing at Urban Outfitters (I mean really- since my teens!) so this was a welcome and unexpected surprise. 

I love wearing similar versions of the same thing with my little one.  We don't do it often but it makes for a fun day.  I will be adding the Nars- Fast Ride lip color to my outfit and little Ms. A can sport a burgundy hair on her golden curls.  We are ready for fall!

Do you like to dress up with your little one?

Happy Friday!