Double Trouble- Luxe Lusting

I'm starting this week daydreaming of beautifully handmade items with top quality materials and top of the line designs.  Care to join me?  I'm lusting after these very luxurious items.  First off- Hermes' jungle themed wallpaper resulting in a very loud 'YES!'  Their collection was inspired by the archived designs of their silk scarves. 
I can envision myself in a breakfast nook wallpapered with those Hermes parrots and leopards while I savor a fresh warm croissant presented in one of these plates from Seletti's Hybrid collection.   They are made of bone china and each half of each plate has its own pattern and story.  This would be a very colorful breakfast indeed!

This same evening I would have a very fine engagement to which I would wear all black in order to accentuate this beautiful Alexander McQueen De Manta clutch (have you seen its shape?! yum!! named after a manta ray because of its shape).  And to finish off my outfit I would wear these ultra modern, oh so different, and futuristic platforms from Rodarte (the heels are filled with colored and layered sand!) Swoon 

Are you with me?  or are these picks too wild?

Ok, now back to reality!  Happy Monday.  Hope its a good one.