Beautiful homes in the Lone Star State

The latest Rue Magazine came out yesterday and it is devoted entirely to Texas ya'll!  Isn't this exciting?! There were a few beautiful homes featured that I fell in love with so I wanted to present them to you in case you have not paged through the magazine yet.  First off we have Joslyn Taylor's home.  She is the blogger behind the fabulous  Simply Lovely blog as well as the market/style editor for D home.  Ok, so let's get started on all this goodness shall we?
The general vibe of the home is earthy and laid back.  They worked around the original structure of the home adding so much more character. I love how the room is so organic. 
Amazing door right? Even though there isn't much color there is such a variety in textures that the decor stays very exciting. 
Love the reclaimed wood dining table and all the leaning art and star burst mirrors.
Great statement wallpaper for the hallway/bar.  What a great breakfast nook with all that light!
 You can tell all these things have special meaning.  Joslyn describes her home's vibe as 'soulful'.  Yes, indeed.  She would be a great antique shopping partner.  That is one fabulous triangular chest in the corner.
One of the daughter's room with a leaning chalkboard (love!) and what a great bed.  Beautiful, isn't it?  For more photos of her home see the magazine here (Joslyn's home starts on page 96)

So from the Joslyn's earthy, organic home we move to more opulent and bold decor with the homes of the mother/daughter duo Judy from Atlantis Home and Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes.
Wao! This is Jane's, the daughter's,  living room. The gold, black and and shine throughout have me totally mesmerized.  I'm enjoying the contrast of the antique chairs with the straighter lines of the Platner chairs.  Great mixing of all kinds of metals.  Notice the white kitty cat on the table?
and in Judy's home (the mom) she has Bambi on top of her table!  creative!  You can kind of tell they are related as they have a similar aesthetic- the gold, dark colors, crazy shine all over, the double mirrors and of course the animal figurines. 
Fabulous mirror!
The screen adds depth.  I need that tortoise shell chest! and the ram?  I think they are into animals for sure.
 More mirrors here and adding the green is a nice touch.  Green and gold are always fabulous together.

Black ghost chairs. YES!!  I love their sleek and shiny qualities paired with a nice rustic table.  I love the dramatic and glam homes Jane and Judy have created. (I spy with my little eye 9 animal figurines throughout...can you find them all?).  We could make this a contest :)  Next trip to the flea market I'm going to pay close attention to animal statues. 

Dallas ladies are very stylish.  I think these three ladies were the perfect pick to showcase some of Dallas' great homes.  Also check out their blogs you will be glad you did! Joslyn's Simply Lovely, Judy's Atlantis Home and Jane's Sea of Shoes.

Happy Hump Day!

(all photos from Rue Mag Aug/Sept. 2012 )