Inspired by these images by Gray Malin that make my heart beat faster and make me weak in the knees because they are so beautiful, I snapped a few shots of our beach trips.  Gray goes to different beaches around the world and takes photos from above. So, below I pulled for show some my better ones. The only thing they have in common with Gray's are that they have sand and water.  I'm not saying they are either similar or remotely alike....
just saying that they inspired me to see the beach from a different perspective.  So here is my version.
These are from a beach in Glouster, Massachussetts.  I think my favorite are the first two.  We had low tide that day and so everyone walked over to the sandbar.  It was the perfect day at the beach, although the water in the Northeast is pretty cold.  When I put my toes in I felt as if sharp knives were stabbing me.  After my body got used to the temperature  I had quite a refreshing swim.  I'm sure that swim added a few years to my life, or at least I would like to think so.  One of things I miss since I have been living in Dallas is being near the ocean.  It is so restorative.

You should check out the rest of Gray's fantastic work here.  One of these prints will be on my Christmas wish list for sure. Also, check out his bio. I was surprised to learn how young he is (he graduated college in 2007, so he must be around 27?) and he is from Dallas.

I love taking inspiration from somewhere and making it my own.  What artists are inspiring you lately?  Had you seen Gray Malin's work before?

(1,2,3,4, the rest are by AMC)