Split Personality?

I see a room like this and I'm instantly drawn to it.  I love its simplicity, the ambiance created, the black and white palette.  Christian Liaigre's home in Paris' Left Bank is beautiful.  Of course, the high ceilings, the spectacular moldings and the fact that the home was built by a Marquis in the 18th-century also helps.  I'm attracted to the mix of the apartment's rococo bones with the minimalism and sparseness of the furniture.  (photos are from here). I would move in here in two seconds.

So, I love this space, but you know what my living room looks like?   There is a lot of color involved, including hot pink curtains. Ready for a complete contrast?
Personally, I like many kinds of distinct types of decor and could even easily live happily in them.   Multiple personality? Perhaps.  Or an adaptable aesthetic?  I think so.  What kind of interiors do you like? 

To see more photos of my living room you can click over to the Little Green Notebook where Jenny featured my living room toward the end of last year (before we had our blog going). 

Happy Monday!