Impractical Styling- Books by color

My husband is big into books.  They are his most prized possessions.  What do you want for your birthday? a book, what do you want for Christmas? a book, for father's day? a book. You get the gist. He has his own Amazon wish list filled with pages and pages of the books he wants. Books are very important around here.  He spends a lot of time organizing and reorganizing them.  He divides them by category, then by author.  So whenever I see this rainbow trend of bookcase styling- I go crazy.  

I don't get it.  How would you go about finding what you want?  I don't think anyone would remember the color of the spine.....So... impractical styling, yes?  pretty? I don't even think so.  

Don't buy books just to decorate! Buy books with a purpose- read them!! agree?

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