NYC- Photo Journal

We went to NYC for a little work and a little play.  We got to interview some very interesting people, which we will be posting about next week.  Here are some photos of what caught our attention. Gosh, NYC is fabulous!

We start off with some colorful street art
Street art in the making (see the painter in the ladder?)
I'm loving this photograph.  I might blow it up and frame it. what do you think? 
I love the street vendors all over the city
Beautiful embroidery
The in-store displays are always fabulous.  I love this sculpture
We saw tons of framed butterflies (you can get them at Evolution).  This is a cool store if you like taxidermy
It was the Puerto Rican Parade on Sunday.  The city was wild. The cars and even the ladies were pimped up
 Impromptu chess game in the middle of Broadway
Pretty doors are always a treat
Tired feet from a lot of walking-  the only way to truly enjoy the city in my opinion
Street style to the max.  Needless to say he was not very nice. He is probably living his own version of 50 Shades of Grey, no?
Another man rockin his red vest. I love the back
The High-Line.  UP is the future of parks in big cities, in my opinion. I bet we will start seeing more and more of these. Love this ad
This is a decal not an actual person.  Funny!
Julie blogged about something similar here.  If you want to be on trend you can buy wings for your sneakers on etsy here for a similar look
Some random shots of the city
Loved this quote I got in my chamomile tea

Any fun trips planned this summer? I can't wait to go back to New York.  I can't get enough of it.
Happy Thursday everyone!

(All photos by yours truly, Albertina Cisneros)