Over at A Piece of Toast

Happy Thursday dear friends!  I'm very excited to be over at A Piece of Toast Blog for their "I wish I was wearing" series today.  In this series they ask a different blogger each week to put together an outfit and answer some fun style questions.   It is one of my favorite blogs where I find inspiration everyday.  They have the best ideas for blog posts.  If you are not familiar with A Piece of Toast you are in for a treat.  Its a lifestyle blog written by two real life sisters.  I have met them both and I cannot tell you what large hearts they have, and how sweet and beautiful they both are (model beautiful, seriously!).  Click on over and let the romance with APoT begin.

Are you curious to see what I wish I was wearing today?  or see who my favorite designer is? Take a peek here.

Thanks Molly and Sally for having me!  I feel like a movie star today with your feature :) I'm honored. xx