Lovely Leftovers

So, let's go over what to do with all of the left over lemony mushroom risotto you have from Tuesday's post (here). Guess what... round 2 is even better that round 1!

May I present....
Risotto Cakes:

 Once again, little E couldn't get enough. What is it with kids and rice?

Whisk one egg and mix with your remaining risotto. Mold into patties and brown with olive oil and a touch of butter. EASY! and better than last night. 

While we're talking food, I went to buy milk today and came back with these

And these:

and this
Oh boy. I can't wait. 
Where to start?? 
Truffles, Heirloom tomatoes or Tobasco mayonaise? 
These are a few of my favorite things. 

I'll keep you posted.