Buy Some Damn Art

I love art. I love paintings, sculptures, photographs, collages.   I love learning about it, reading about it, looking at it, but mostly I love being surrounded by it.  My dream is to one day own a Chagall.  About ten years ago I walked into a gallery on Madison Avenue to ask what the price was on a beautiful Chagall.  Only $250,000.  Someday!  And until that day comes I love finding unique pieces that speak to me and my aesthetic and are affordable.  Enter Buy Some Damn Art.  This is a new website, with a marvelously curated collection.  They feature up-and-coming artists doing amazing work at reasonable prices.  Sign me up!  Above I picked my favorite pieces from the artists they have currently. 

Aren't you inspired? Where do you find affordable art? This would be another great Mother's day gift!

1. Michelle Fleck. title: 405 - $450. 2. Callie Thompson. title: Friend Series 3 - $250. 3. Tracy Gallagher. title: Fest for the eyes - $250 4. Sarah Brenneman. title: Game Theory. - $450. 5. Jenny Brown. title: Untitled #5 - $400.