Pretty Legs

Can you guess what these are?
 flashlights? flower vases? door stoppers? 

Nope...they are legs specifically designed for IKEA furniture! Brilliant (and I meant it in that British accent).  PrettyPegs is the company behind this fun and much needed concept.  It was started by a Swedish couple (of course) because they could not stand the look of IKEA furniture legs.  Had you heard of this company before?  Have I been living under a rock because I only just came across this last weekend.  

What a cute little punch they add to any IKEA piece of furniture. There motto is "Shoe your furniture".  Clever. 

I love all these companies being born out of a design necessity.  They are making our rooms a bit more beautiful one piece at a time.

A special thanks to Molly and Sally of A PIECE of TOAST who gave us a shout out in their blog yesterday (here).  It was so fun to meet up with Molly for coffee and great conversation. We love their blog- its so inspiring and witty.  It is a daily must read for us.  And the best part is their sweet voice and keen eye for choosing the most beautiful photographs and best subject matter.  I love everything they cover.  They have gathered an amazing cult following, us included!  Go on over, I guarantee you will love it.

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