Photography and Statement Necklaces

 Kari Herer Photgraphy. Botanical no.5633 (here) and Missoni Fringed Necklace (here)
Lonny. Swans 2 (here) and Dannijo. Galapagos necklace(here)
Douglas Friedman. Budapest Zoo. (here) J. Crew. Frog link necklace (here)

Jeremy Kohm. Casino Employee's Day (here) and  Dannijo necklace. Capucine (here)

Photography is a great way to decorate your walls.  You can find some great works on the internet in sites like Etsy and 20x200 that are very reasonably priced.  All of the above are from one of these two shops.  If you don't know about 20x200 you are missing out.  They have a fantastic array of photographs and digital prints. Most of the photographs will be limited editions making them more special as they can maintain their value.  The ones I chose here I would hang in my house in a second.  I paired them with some statement necklaces to compare and contrast with the prints.  Because aren't two beautiful things better than one? I would also wear any of these in a New York minute (which is faster than any other kind of minute!).

Which is your favorite?