Upcoming Trip

In a couple of days we will be leaving for a few weeks. From Texas to Spain (hence the photos of the globes. First Photo departure and second photo destination) to celebrate my husband's grandfather's birthday (he is the dapper gentleman in the photo above). And guess how old he will turn? Yup! you guessed it 100. We are very excited and thrilled to be able to celebrate with him and the entire family a most spectacular occasion. He has been and is an inspiration to everyone. He is also a very cool grandfather. He still wears his Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (I will try and get a photo of that). His wife is 97 so in a few years we can have another centennial party.

The vintage globe above I actually bought for a DIY. I want to attempt this. Its on my to-do list. And the '100' I got on Etsy from Twisted Twig here. I thought we could take a family photograph with the '100' in the middle for posterity. I'm really excited about this idea and will report back with the end result.

Changing subjects for a sec.- Who wants to come with me to H&M-Marni tomorrow? raise your hand. So excited.....let's see if I can get something or if its going to be too crazy.