Travel Essentials

We are traveling today!! One long flight all the way to Spain. That means 2 flights and a total of about 14 hours traveling....with a four year old. These are my go-to items for such a long flight.

I have worked on some posts this last few weeks that are scheduled to go up while I'm away (Yes! I love you that much!) Plus my wonderful blogging partner, Julie, will be around to hold the fort. I will have limited access to email (those Europeans! Its just not so convenient over there) but will check in here and there. And hopefully I can post some pics during the trip. Let's see. I don't promise anything.

Seriously, that sweater up there is the bees knees. They come in all colors. If you have one, you know what I'm talking about.

Wish us a safe trip. Any fun plans for this weekend while we suffer with jet lag?