South By Southwest

Lucky me. I have wonderful family in great cities. So, I was lucky enough to spend last week in the two cities in the US with the best food, and the best music; 

New Orleans and 



Both have such a cool vibe. The people in both cities walk to the beat of their own drummers. They truly know how to live life to the fullest and have a great time doing it. 

If you have never heard of SXSW, it is one of the most well known music festivals in the states. There is music on every corner. People dance in the streets with perfect strangers, and food and drink are never far from reach. Scouts come from all over the world to find the next big hit. 

Great new rum company. We taste tested for you. Give it a try.

Jarana Beat (Mexico)

This guy is playing a jawbone! Super cool. These guys are based in New York now, but they are all from Mexico and Texas. 

Canteca de Macao

This was a super cool band from Madrid. They put on an amazing show. No one could stand still.

This guy was unreal. He had dreadlocks to his thighs that he braided into a mohawk. He was quite the showman.

Browsing the junk shops

The amount of talent that comes together in one town for this week is unimaginable.

Did I mention it was St Patrick's day too?

Hope you had a wonderful spring break too!

Thanks Genie and Katheryn for everything!