Plastic is fantastic

I'm in love with Spring's beautiful acrylic resin earrings. I love the size, the color combinations, and their geometric shapes. They can pretty much make the outfit. You can easily wear a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt...add the earrings and you are cute to go.

My mom used to have the best collection of earrings in the 80' know those huge ones. When they went out of style she gave them all away except a couple that I inherited. And let me tell you- I wear them all the time! Things always, somehow come back in style.

Marni has an especially beautiful collection this time around. If you aren't sure if these earrings are you but want to give them a whirl the pink and yellow earrings (#3) are cheap (under $10).

1. Marni . 2. Miu Miu 3. ASOS 4. Marni 5. Marni