I'm loving these cute curves.  The colorful candleholders are fun.  I would love several in the light and regular blue and yellow colors.  I would stick to one palette. Two of each in those tones would look cute in a guest bathroom or somewhere unexpected. The George Jensen containers are so sleek and beautiful.  They would look fantastic in a kitchen filled with different ingredients with varying textures like pasta, garbanzo beans, flour and I would use the stainless steel one for coarse sea salt. These would add luxury to a kitchen in a simple way.  And the CB2 vases, well those are neutral and can go anywhere. 

The main point.  To display these nicely you need at least 3 of each because its the contrast in curves and variation in sizes that make the group so attractive. If you bought just a single one it would not be as appealing or interesting. Its all about comparing and contrasting.

1./ Chiasso candleholders. 2./ CB2 vases 3/. George Jensen containers