One Cool Space- Yes, please

photo by Vassilis Skopelitis

This space feels so relaxing to me.  I want to take my shoes off and chill on that vintage chesterfield sofa.  The wall color is perfect.  Dark walls can make a room feel cozy and soothing while adding interest (see Julie's post on dark walls here).  Julie and I are advocates of the dark wall movement. The grey also makes everything that is hanging pop.  And even though the room has some trendy items like the ampersand (which is everywhere now and probably has the same 'brand' recognition as the '@' nowadays) and the deer with antlers,  it doesn't feel trendy to me. It actually feels timeless and classic. And the white sconce is genius. 

This room is Alketas Pazis', a Greek collector and prop house owner.  His store the Temporary Showroom, has an amazing collection of mid-century antiques.  They rent furniture for the filming industry.  To see more photos of his home visit here.