Back to School

I don't know about how your kindergarten school looked like.  But mine was pretty normal looking.  It was a brick building with white trim.  It looked like somebody's house but larger.  I could not find a photo of it.   
I came across these cute lower school buildings in Dezeen Magazine.  I just fell in love with these schools' architecture when I saw them.   They are works of art in themselves.  How lucky are these kids?  Maybe the children don't appreciate the architecture design per se, but they do, I'm sure, enjoy the beautiful light that has been planned for them, and the play areas, and the cool interiors.  Let's take a tour of some of  them:
Leimondo Nursery School by Archivision Hirotani Studio
This kindergarten is in Japan. Those pyramids at the top have windows letting in beautiful ever changing light depending on the time of day and season.
Timayui Kindergarten by Equipo de Mazzantiin Santa Marta, Colombia
This school is in Colombia.  These modular buildings surround a common playground area in order to maximize ventilation and daylight.  This school is in an underprivileged area, and so their hope with this beautiful architecture is that it would fill the people in the area with pride and ownership.  Done! I'm proud just looking at it.
Kindergarten Kekec by Arhitecktura Jure Kotnik
This was built in three days!  In the 80s!  It looks so contemporary.  Those colored blocks are blinds- the kids can move them around. They can open and shut them.  Because of the lack of play equipment the architects designed the building as a toy itself.
Fagerborg Kindergarten by RRA
This school is in Oslo, Norway.  I love the cantilevers and cut entrances.  Look a its beautiful staircases below.  I would probably find an excuse to play in them all day.  The colors are so provocative.

And this last one is my favorite one because of the inspiration behind the design.  The school is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Le Petit Prince.  Its in France, of course.  Look at the shape of the building.  What does it remind you of in The Little Prince Story?
Le Petit Prince Nursery School by Carlos Barba
Yes! the boa constrictor eating the elephant!  This was the inspiration behind the design.  So cool!!

You can read more about these schools here.

What did your kindergarten look like? do you even remember?  I love that all these kids are exposed to such beauty everyday.  I am sure some of this aesthetic sticks with them throughout their lives.