Can you guess what I'm currently reading?

Can you tell? Does the raven just give it away!? So, I have been rereading some of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories which are so good and scary! So intense! The last one I read was the Fall of the House of Usher. As I was reading, my mind's eye was picturing all this fabulous dark and masculine furniture. So I constructed this little room above. Doesn't that black chesterfield look yummy?! with the gold plated bronze feet. I think this type of golden feet is the inspiration behind the chairs/stools/tables with the gold dipped legs seen everywhere lately (like here). Anyway, isn't the skull cool? its actually an antique clock. The eyes rotate to tell the time. Freaky! Roderick Usher would definitely have one of those in his library, I think. But what I cannot live without is that lamb stool.

Oh, and if I were invited to an event at the Usher mansion, well, that is the dress I would wear. And I bet the cocktails served would be the dark and stormy.